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Project Reach


Empowering children, youth and their families to foster habits of mental and physical wellbeing by developing relationships and building upon the strengths of communities and schools.

What is Project REACH?

Project REACH is one of 37 Mental Health Capacity Building in Schools Initiatives (MHCB) and is led by Alberta Health Services in collaboration with Alberta Education, and funded through grants from Alberta Health. The purpose of the initiatives is to establish projects that provide the staffing and support required to implement an integrated, school addictions and mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention program.

Project REACH received an additional 3 years of funding (June 2014) with the expectation of expanding their project throughout the Prairie Land Regional Division, adding 5 schools to their project. This will be a 3 year working plan to meet the needs of the additional schools and communities with the Project Coordinator’s office now located at the Berry Creek Community School in Cessford, Alberta.

Our Goals:

  • Increase the community’s capacity to promote the development of positive mental health and wellness in its children, youth and families using schools as hubs.
  • Increase access to evidence universal mental health promotion & prevention programming.
  • Establish effective mentorship opportunities for adults who interact with children and youth.
  • Advance an integrated approach to promoting mental health and preventing mental illness among community partners, government, schools and industry.
Programs and Services:
  1. In-school groups, programs and activities
  2. After school groups, programs and activities
  3. Classroom and community presentations
  4. Community agency guest speakers
  5. Professional development for school staff and community agencies
  6. Family information sessions
  7. Video Conference Programs and Activities to PLRD Schools
  8. Resource Sharing
  9. Individual suppor for children, youth and families to find services
  10. Summer and out of school programming
All programs are open to children, youth and families of Prairie Land Regional Division Schools. Pre-registration may be required for some activities or if child care arrangements are needed.
For more information email or contact Project REACH Coordinator, Misty Griffith at 1-844-566-3743 Ext. 2122.