Phone: 403-854-4481
Fax: 403-854-2803
Toll Free: 1-800-601-3898
Address: Box 670, 101 Palliser Trail
Hanna, AB, T0J 1P0

Our Schools

Student Registration Form for 2018-2019 school year - NEW to our school division?  Please fill out a fillable PDF Student Registration Form (2018-2019), print it off, and bring it with you to the school (along with a copy of the student birth certificate), on the students first day of school (school starts August 30th, 2018). 

Altario School

Phone: 403-552-3828
Fax: 403-552-3882
Address: 137 Centre Street
General Delivery
Altario, Alberta
T0C 0E0

Berry Creek Community School

Phone: 1-844-566-3743
Fax: 403-566-3736
Address: General Delivery
Cessford, Alberta
T1R 1E2

Consort School

Phone: 403-577-3654
Fax: 403-577-2112
Address: 5215 50 Street
Bag Service 1002
Consort, Alberta
T0C 1B0

Delia School

Phone: 403-364-3777
Fax: 403-364-3805
Address: Box 236
Delia, Alberta
T0J 0W0

J.C.Charyk School

Phone: 403-854-3642
Fax: 403-854-4759
Address: 801 4th Street West
Box 1270
Hanna, Alberta
T0J 1P0

Morrin School

Phone: 403-772-3838
Fax: 403-772-3868
Address: Box 10
Morrin, Alberta
T0J 2B0

Veteran School

Phone: 403-575-3915
Fax: 403-575-3870
Address: 201 Lucknow Street
Box 649
Veteran, Alberta
T0C 2S0

Youngstown School

Phone: 403-779-3822
Fax: 403-779-3868
Address: Box 69
Youngstown, Alberta
T0J 3P0