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Board Organizational Meeting Agenda - October 31, 2017


101 Palliser Trail
Hanna, Alberta

10:00 a.m. October 31, 2017



1.Call to Order                                                                                       Superintendent

2.Approval of Agenda                                                                          Superintendent

3.Nominations for 2017-2018 Term

a)Nomination for and election of Chair of the Board               Superintendent

b)Nomination for and election of Vice-chair of the Board       Chair    

4. Reaffirm or change the practice of governing                              Chair

5. Designation of Signing Authorities                                                 Chair

6. Establishment of Internal Committee membership (Policy 7)      Chair

a)Negotiating Committee for all unionized staff (3 trustees and 1 alternate)

b)Discipline Committee (3 trustees)

c)Scholarship Committee (3 trustees-must include one Hanna trustee)

d)Executive Committee (chair, vice-chair and 1 additional trustee)

e)Support Staff Liaison Committee (2 trustees)

f)Board-ATA Liaison Committee (2 trustees)

g)Health and Wellness Committee (1 trustee)

h)Aboriginal Committee (1 trustee)

7. Appointment of Representatives on External Committees (Policy 8)               Chair

a)Alberta School Boards’ Association Zone 5 (1 trustee and 1 alternate)

b)Public School Boards Association of Alberta (1 trustee and 1 alternate)

c)TEBA (1 trustee)

d)Rural Caucus (1 trustee and 1 alternate)

8. Schedule of Board Meetings                                                            Chair            

9. Adjournment