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Board Meeting Highlights - August 28, 2018

School Start-up

The students of PLRD schools head back to the classrooms on August 30 for the 2018-2019 school year.  The teaching staff have attended various professional development events within their schools and at the division-wide PD day in Consort on August 29. The Board of trustees welcome back all PLRD staff and students for another exciting year. 

PLRD Non-negotiables

As part of our Focal Point on Culture, PLRD has developed eight impactful actions that we will promote in all schools throughout the division.  These belief statements and actions have been filtered through the Teaching Quality Standard and relevent education research, and will create a common approach and understanding of our practice.  Non-Negotiables are a vision of the actions that we will not compromise; they are what we believe in, therefore, this is what you will see in our schools.

  1. In PLRD, we do NOT give up on our students.  We do everything within our abilities to ensure that every student we teach is successful.
  2. In PLRD, we do NOT yell at or demean our students.  We create positive, trusting, and respectful relationships because it is critical to enhance a safe and caring environment where optimal learning can occur.
  3. In PLRD, we do NOT use only one type of teaching strategy. We know that students learn differently and providing a variety of teaching strategies allows for learning for all.
  4. In PLRD, we are NOT stagnant educators.  We are life-long learners because we are professionals who understand the need for constant growth as we improve our teaching craft.
  5. At PLRD, we do NOT sit in our desks for long periods of time. We interact and engage with our students during the learning process.
  6. At PLRD, we do NOT disregard or minimize student input in the learning process. We provide a welcoming, participatory environment where students have a vested stake in the learning process to create improved engagement and ultimately, improved student learning.
  7. At PLRD, we are NOT punitive nor do we promote top-down ideologies.  We understand there is a need for consequences but we do not use punitive approaches that be-little or embarrass students as a means of trying to shape future behaviors.
  8. At PLRD, we promote and foster student dreams and aspirations.  We know our students’ dreams as this not only strengthens our relationships with students, but also allows us opportunities to link meaningful connections to daily lesson plans.

For additional information please contact: Cam McKeage, Superintendent of Schools, Prairie Land Regional Division #25  403.854.4481