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Board Meeting Highlights - September 18, 2018

Organizational Meeting

The Prairie Land Regional Division #25 trustees assembled on Tuesday, September 18 for the Board annual organizational meeting.  Trustees accepted specific roles and responsibilities for the upcoming school year as follows:


  1. H. Smith was elected Board Chair, and M. Tkach elected Vice-chair.
  2. Negotiating Committee – S. Battle, H. Smith & M. Tkach
  3. Discipline Committee – L. Bond, S. Davies & B. Davis
  4. Scholarship Committee – T. Burns, B. Davis, & G. Hampton
  5. Executive Committee – S. Battle, H. Smith , & M. Tkach
  6. Support Staff Liaison Committee – S. Battle & G. Hampton
  7. Board-ATA Liaison Committee – H. Smith & M. Tkach & B. Davis (alternate)
  8. Health & Wellness Committee – S. Davies
  9. Aboriginal Committee – L. Bond
  10. Alberta School Boards Association Zone 5 representative – G. Hampton/M. Tkach (alternate)
  11. Public School Boards Association of Alberta representative – S. Davies/H. Smith (alternate)
  12. Teachers Employer Bargaining Association (TEBA) – M. Tkach
  13. Rural Caucus Committee – T. Burns & S. Battle (Alternate)

The Board congratulates and thanks trustees for assuming these roles and for accepting the responsibilities they necessitate.

Board meetings will be held on either the third or fourth Tuesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at PLRD central office.  The 2018-2019 Board meeting scheduled can be seen at .


ASBA School Board Innovation and Excellence Award

PLRD has submitted a nomination to the ASBA for the School Board Innovation and Excellence award.  This nomination was identified as a result of Michael MacKay’s maker-space classroom and the Authentic Learning Framework.  The Authentic Learning Framework is dynamic, introducing new ideas, testing and evaluating them, and then applying them to future integrations.  Despite what the future holds, the goal of the framework will remain the same: to be accessible, engaging and authentic to all students.


Delia School Rebuild – Delia School Enhancement Society (DSES)

The Board passed two motions regarding the Delia School Enhancement Society (DSES) for the Delia School footprint expansion.  The motions passed were that the Board support the DSES by providing financing in the amount of up to $1.2 million dollars, from reserves, with the understanding that the DSES will pay back the amount in full within 24 months.  The loan will go towards extra square footage as identified by DSES’s proposal to the Board.  Reserves will be set aside as follows:  Technology/Instruction Equipment $700,000, Unsupported Building – School $200,000, and Unsupported Building – Non-school $300,000. 

The second motion was that the Board provide $100,000 from the School Building Capital Reserve to support the funding of additional space as identified by the DSES for the Delia School Replacement. 


For additional information please contact: Cam McKeage, Superintendent of Schools, Prairie Land Regional Division #25  403.854.4481