J.C. Charyk Hanna School – Awards

J.C. Charyk Hanna School – Awards

Below are awards specific to the J.C. Charyk Hanna School.

BluEarth Handhills Wind Scholarship
Bull Pound Community Association Award
Selection Committee:
The selection committee shall consist of the J.C. Charyk School Principal and (1) teacher from JCC.

The most improved Grade 9 student at J.C. Charyk School.

Amount to be Paid:
This is an award of $100 for the most improved Grade 9 student at JCC.

Click here for details
Charlie Fielding Memorial Bursary (Hanna Royal Canadian Legion #25)
Click for details.      *Deadline is July 31
Florence Housch 
The best all around grade 7, 8, or 9 student and the student who demonstrates community involvement from JC Charyk School (no application).  
Fred & Freda Geuder Educational Bursary
* award of up to $1,500 - students must have attended J.C. Charyk School 

* For details click here, for the application form click here  (c/o of Town of Hanna)
The Gaye Ross Memorial Nursing Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded annually to a person who lives within Drumheller or the surrounding area and has been accepted into a post-secondary educational institution to become a Registered Nurse or Registered Psychiatric Nurse.

* $1500 - deadline is September 1st. Students must be entering or presently enrolled in an R.N. or R.P.N. program.

Application Details
Halee Dietrich Bursary
* $500 - deadline June 1

Application Details
Hanna and District Agricultural Society Bursary 
* for leadership. This bursary is valued at $500 - deadline is Sept 30th - click for details
Hanna Hospital Ladies Auxiliary Bursary
This bursary is given by the Hanna Hospital Ladies Auxiliary to assist students entering into Health Professions. Deadline Aug 2023 - click here for details
Hanna Masonic Lodge Student Bursary
* Grade 12, $500 - deadline is June 30th - click for details and application form.
Janet McLaren Cook Memorial 
The selection committee shall comprise of the Principal and teaching staff of J.C. Charyk. They shall choose the candidate before June 30 of each year.

The committee’s decision in regard to suitability of the candidate, or any other matter pertaining to the selection of the candidate shall be final. No appeal to the Board, the committee or any other Board shall be considered, except that should the candidate fail to register or attend the Faculty of Education of an Alberta University by October 1st. In this case, the Board may not choose to make an award for the year in question or may ask the committee for an alternate candidate.


1.     Graduate of J.C. Charyk.

2.     The student must clearly demonstrate an intention of enrolling in the Faculty of Education of an Alberta University and shall have demonstrated that he/she is capable of attaining sufficiently high marks to achieve entrance to such faculty.

3.     The student shall exhibit such characteristics as would, in the opinion of the committee, make that person a most suitable candidate for the teaching profession.
Knights of Columbus Bursary 
* two awards of $500 each - click for details and application form.
Matthew Kempe Memorial Scholarship
A $500 scholarship to support students in Grade 11 or 12 participating in the RAP Automotive Service Technician Program. Apply by June 1 here. If you are interested in donating to the fund, complete this form. 
Norman Alexander Duff Memorial Scholarship
* $1,000 - graduate of JCC, entering Faculty of Science, Engineering or Medicine - click for details.
Percy Cochran Award
Selection Committee:

The selection committee shall be comprised of the Principal(s) and Teaching Staff of JC Charyk School.


1. The student(s) must be enrolled in grade 1 to 6 in the Hanna Primary or JC Chary school.

2. The student(s) shall submit a 250 to 300 word essay on one of the following subjects:

-        What makes a good teacher, or

-        What makes a good student
Pioneer Homestead Bursary (Estate of Ruth Rushfeldt Curry) 
One award of $1,005 - click here for details.
Royal Canadian Legion, Hanna Branch
* Grade 12 - apply to sponsor by June 30 - click here for details and application form
Wendell J. Gourlay Scholarship
A selection committee of the Principal and staff of the J.C. Charyk School shall choose one candidate, from the graduation class as recipient of the Scholarship, before June 30 of each year.


Graduate of J.C. Charyk who combines high scholastic ability with good character and well-rounded interest in school and community activities.

The student selected shall demonstrate financial need in order to continue with his/her education. The Selection Committee may make such inquiries as it thinks fit to assist in determining whether or not financial aid is needed.

Payment of the Award: 

Payment shall be made to the successful candidates by September 31 of the year in which the Scholarship is awarded, provided the candidate is in attendance at the post-secondary school or university of his/her choice.
Walter Smigg Memorial Bursary
* $500 - click here for details (deadline is Oct 1)