About Us

One of the geographically largest school jurisdictions in Alberta, Prairie Land encompasses approximately 15,500 square kilometres (6,000 square miles) in the East-Central region of the province.

Prairie Land Schools genuinely embody what it means for schools to be community hubs. In our ten community schools, three online schools, and eleven Huttererian Brethren Colony schools, we strive for academic success, personal growth, deep connection, and health and well-being every day with every student.

We are proud to serve up to 4,000 students and their families in our geographically diverse and extensive division. Our teaching and support staff are dedicated, our facilities are well-maintained and welcoming, our bus drivers are smiling, and our  students are passionate and engaged. In short, Prairie Land is a great place to be.

Prairie Land’s Central Office is located in the town of Hanna, Alberta. Prairie Land Regional Division was formed in January 1995 as part of the restructuring of education governance in the Province of Alberta, Canada. At that time, four small school divisions, Berry Creek, Neutral Hills, Rangeland and Starland, joined together in an effort to reduce the costs associated with system governance and administration.


Board of Trustees