Inclusivity Project

Inclusivity Project

Prairie Land School Division encourages our students to become actively engaged citizens who recognize the opportunity to work together with the goal of improving life in our communities and society for all.

Imagine a world where everyone belongs—despite religious beliefs, race, ideologies, disabilities, etc. Acceptance is the norm; tolerance replaces prejudice.

Students in grades 10 to 12 are working on a special project that not only promotes such open-mindedness but is asking PLRD students, “What can you do to change the world?” The Inclusivity Project is a voluntary project, encouraging students to come up with ideas to be agents of change in their schools, their communities and beyond. From social media campaigns to collecting donations, students are encouraged to think outside the box to challenge the norms of society.

“Be creative. Be impactful. Do something unique,” encourages Superintendent Cam McKeage.

The idea for the project stems from a challenge by the provincial Minister of Education who asked school boards across the province to find a way to confront racism and prejudice not only in their districts but globally as well.

For PLRD it is an excellent opportunity for students to identify changes they wish to see in the world and have a positive impact on society. “Students, especially this age, are the most creative people,” says McKeage. While the main goal of the project is to get students to react positively to negative events, there is an incentive for students.

Students must present the impact of their projects to a panel of judges, and the winning team will be given a two-week cultural immersion trip to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates at the Maplewood International School.

Students will travel with Ellen Vanderkolk, a high school Social Studies teacher at Delia School to Abu Dhabi where they will participate in classes as well as a variety of cultural experiences and tours throughout the city.

“It’s an amazing opportunity,” explains McKeage, adding the cultural experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

According to Vanderkolk there are a number of teams who are very passionate about their projects.