April 2022

April 2022

Board of Trustees Meeting

April 26, 2022

Bus Driver Collective Agreement Ratification
The Prairie Land Board of Trustees ratified the collective agreement with our Bus Drivers after brief and cordial negotiation. The 4 year agreement, ending in August 2024, will see increases of 1.25% in September 2023 and 1.5% in February 2024 with the possibility of an additional 0.5% based on the GDP 20 year average exceeding 2.7%. The Drivers and the Board look forward to a continued positive relationship.

In–year Approval for J.C. Charyk School Grounds and Athletic Field/Track
The Board passed a motion to repair and upgrade the south field and track at J.C. Charyk School as a result of the increased safety concerns that have been mounting over the past number of years. Along with this work, efforts will also be made to repair and improve the landscaping on the south side of the school. The sidewalks, asphalt loop, removal of dead trees and the grass play area will all be attended to.

Veteran School Nature Zone
Staff and students from the Veteran School presented to the Board a vision for Veteran School’s Nature Zone. Areas of unique interest within the nature zone include an outdoor classroom, a hillside amphitheatre, a tee pee and fire pit, a gazebo classroom, a sunroom learning space, reading swings, an outdoor archery range and learning centres and murals. As a result of an increased awareness of the value of outdoor learning and play, the nature zone will provide an educational journey unique to the school community of Veteran.

For additional information please contact: Cam McKeage, Superintendent of Schools, Prairie Land Public School Division 403.854.4481