September 2022

September 2022

Board of Trustees Meeting

September 27, 2022

Organizational Meeting
The Prairie Land Public School Division trustees assembled on Tuesday, September 27 for the Board annual organizational meeting. Trustees accepted specific roles and responsibilities for the upcoming school year as follows:

a. H. Smith was elected Board Chair, and M. Tkach elected Vice-chair.
b. Negotiating Committee – S. Battle, H. Smith, M. Tkach & J. Ference (Alternate)
c. Discipline Committee – L. Bond, S. Davies & S. MacPherson
d. Scholarship Committee – L. Bond, K. Macfarlane & S. MacPherson
e. Executive Committee – S. MacPherson, H. Smith, & M. Tkach
f. Support Staff Liaison – L. Bond & J. Ference
g. TBAC – S. Battle & M. Tkach/S. Davies (Alternate)
h. Health & Wellness Committee – H. Smith
i. Indigenous Committee – S. Battle
j. Audit Committee – J. Ference, K. Macfarlane & M. Tkach
k. Alberta School Boards Association Zone 5 representative – H. Smith/S. MacPherson (Alternate)
l. Public School Boards Council representative – M. Tkach/H. Smith (Alternate)
m. Teachers Employer Bargaining Association (TEBA) – M. Tkach
n. Rural Caucus Committee – S. MacPherson/S. Battle (Alternate)

Board meetings will be held on either the third or fourth Tuesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. at Prairie Land central office. The 2022-2023 Board meeting scheduled can be seen at our website.

Board Policy Handbook
The Board of Trustees approved the revised Board Policy Handbook. Over the past year the Board Policy handbook has been aligned with the revisions to the Education Act. These new policies will be used for the Board to govern the division operations as done with policy in the past.

2021-2022 Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Winner School
Ida Fielding BursaryVeronica PedersenJ.C. Charyk Hanna
Kush MemorialAbigail SlorstadBerry Creek
Norman Alexander Duff MemorialVeronica PedersenJ.C. Charyk Hanna
Pioneer Homestead BursaryJulie HoffConsort
PLRD AchievementKyha Avery
Nolan Dechaine
Belle Stanger
J.C. Charyk Hanna
PLRD DistinctionAbigail SlorstadBerry Creek
PLRD EducationHayley BuelowConsort
Special Areas #2 Education Bursary
(Estate of Orlin Graham Pearce)
Colton GarlockYoungstown

The Prairie Land Board of Trustees would like to congratulate and send best wishes to all the
successful candidates.

International School Field Trips
The Board of Trustees approved two school field trips for 2023. Consort School is planning a trip to Costa Rica in April 2023 and Berry Creek Community School is planning a trip to the Maritimes in June 2023.

Educational Assistant Course
Prairie Land will be offering a course to the EAs currently employed in the division. The goal of the course is to build capacity in Education Assistant’s current toolkit of supports for students, as well as to keep EAs abreast of the evolution of educational trends and their role in supporting students.

For additional information please contact: Cam McKeage, Superintendent of Schools, Prairie Land Public School Division 403.854.4481