Ideas for Summer Enrichment

Summertime is ideal for soaking up some sun, reconnecting with friends and family, and crossing road trips and must-dos off the list. Despite how busy summer can be, a common question we receive is how families can support their young children in their blossoming literacy and numeracy skills.

We believe that the season of sand and surf calls for a little more fun than workbooks and flashcards, so we’ve compiled some ideas for you that will complement your child’s learning while offering plenty of opportunities for connection, curiosity, and fun!

Remember that our REACH teams and Librarians will be busy this summer, too! Check out their plans for some programs and opportunities that might also interest your family. 

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Together and A Little Techie


This simple little five-letter game was played 4.8 BILLION times last year! It’s no surprise it has become a hit. It’s simple to learn and really scratches that puzzle itch. Doing the Wordle with your child allow you to talk about the meaning of words, the sounds certain letters make, and also build some logical thinking skills.


Adsumudi is the ultimate math puzzle to build fluency and fact knowledge. To play, find the secret math path to Adsumudi’s answer on each card by adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing the five other numbers. As you play with your child, share your thinking outloud so they can see what process you follow. You can also purchase a tin of Adsumudi cards for a no-tech option. 


This one is a favourite in our elementary classrooms! Quirkle is a tile-based game where players match colors and shapes, aiming to create lines of six for maximum points. It’s great to practice reasoning skills, turn taking, and showing-off when you beat dad! Find the Qwirkle game in the app store for $3

Virtual Field Trips

Stuck inside on a stormy day? There’s nothing keeping you from adventuring even though the weather outside is bad. Try out the the live cams to see a polar bear exhibit in a zoo, or even a virtual tour of the Great Wall of China. There are lots of ideas here!


These fun visual puzzles will challenge your math skills and your creative thinking! 

AudioBooks and Podcasts

There are about a million great podcasts for kids, and they’re made even better by listening with adults! Our favourites are Circle Round, But Why, and Story Pirates. Don’t forget to ask your librarian about all of the amazing audiobooks available to you with your library card.

Together and No-Tech

Sound Train

This is a good one for the last hour of that long road trip or around the campfire once the s’mores have all been eaten. Take turns picking a sound to start with (like p, or sh). Then, take turns saying a new word that begins with the chosen sound. The game ends when a player can’t think of a word- or can’t define a word that they might have made up! 

Bake and Cook Together

Cooking or baking with your kids is a fun way to boost their numeracy skills! Let them measure ingredients, count items, and follow numbered steps in recipes. They’ll practice fractions, addition, and multiplication without even realizing it. Make it a game by doubling or halving recipes together. These hands-on experiences not only enhance their math skills but also create lasting memories and delicious treats. Enjoy learning and bonding in the kitchen!

Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe

Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe is perfect for those kids who have “solved” the game and need an extra challenge. Each square in the grid has it’s own mini-grid. Where you place your marker dictates which square your opponent places their marker. Win the mini-grid to win the square, and try to get three squares in a row. Find more information here. 

Road Trips

Yes, road trips can be all about literacy! If you have smaller children, our road trip literacy playlist is sure to be a hit! With older students, driving long distances can be a great way to build up their background knowledge of a wide variety of topics (a proven factor of reading success in the later years). Point out the different landscapes. Talk about the new license plates you are seeing. If you visit somewhere you know well, share stories about your memories. All of these conversations will build vocabulary and connections for your child.

Counting Collections

Gather fun objects like seashells, buttons, or LEGOs. Challenge your child to count them, grouping by 2s, 5s, or 10s. It’s a playful way to build number sense and problem-solving skills. Spice it up by guessing the total before counting or racing to see who can group the fastest. Encourage your child to share their counting strategy—it’s great for boosting their math talk. Counting collections is a delightful way to keep their math skills sharp while having a blast together!


The Teacher's Dog

You can play this game with 2 or more players and it’s great for learning new words! The first person starts off by describing the minister’s cat with an adjective that begins with the letter “A.” For example, “The Teacher’s dog is an angry dog.” The next player uses an adjective with the first letter “B,” and so on through the alphabet. “The Teacher’s dog is a bulbous dog.” “The Teacher’s Dog is a cantankerous dog.”

Just Me

DuoLingo ABC

The app that many of us have used to learn another language now has an option for children learning to read. With it’s well-known “one word at a time” sequence, DuoLingo ABC teaches letter sounds and words, alongside vocabulary and handwriting. 

Drawing Tutorials

Art for Kids Hub has many hilarious and engaging step-by-step videos to spark your child’s inner artist! Worried about safety on YouTube? Try out the YouTube Kids app for the best experience. 

WeirdWood Manor

This immersive fantasy mystery game pulls even the most bored child into it’s world! With many clues to read and puzzles to solve, and even a book and a board game to add, there’s no end of things to explore here!


Your child is likely familiar with this huge online library, and it’s for a good reason! There’s something here for every reader. 

The Famous Five Adventure Game

This popular kids novel now has a game to accompany it! Best for kids who are reading on their own, there are many fun and engaging mysteries to solve! Find the app for about $5 in your app store.


This fun YouTube Channel is best for kids still working on their subtraction and addition facts. Watch as these animated number cubes blast into space or go on an adventure on the seas.